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All events at Bogart House come with setup and breakdown time allowances. For a “five hour event” your rental is for a total of 10 hours, 3 hours for setup and 2 hours for breakdown. Rentals, Caterers, and other deliveries may be made ahead of time with the approval of the venue. All other events will receive 2 hours of setup time and 1 hour of cleanup time.

The venue will be clean and ready to go for your event upon arrival. Excessive damage or debris or failure to clean up after the event will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit. It is you/your caterer/ your vendor’s responsibilities to leave the venue as it was found. This constitutes: all kitchen floors are swept & mopped, all trash is bagged appropriately and placed in the receptacles at the direction of the venue staff. Boxes are broken down and neatly stacked, no food, ornamentation, equipment or personal items are left in the venue. All rentals must be neatly stacked in a location determined by the venue. Any furniture or other property of the venue is returned to it’s original spot.
Excessive refuse may incur an additional charge. No adhesives, nails, tape, wires or other types of attachment may be made to any surface of the venue. Please check with us before assuming any type of decoration that requires attachment is ok.
All candles must be in an enclosed container(the flame must not reach out of the container).  Confetti and fireworks are  prohibited.

Bogart House will provide a restroom attendant to maintain the cleanliness of the
restrooms throughout the event. Security personnel and any other staff will need to be arranged separately. Please speak to us about any needs you may have. A manager will be on site throughout the course of your event.

Bogart House has a preferred vendors list and exclusive vendors for furniture and party rental equipment (Broadway rentals). Please coordinate with your caterer/planner to help you with the rentals and other items your event needs. . Your vendors must be fully insured and provide us with a certificate of insurance naming Bogart House as an additionally insured before your event.

Bogart House features a sophisticated sound, lighting and light dance floor.  A light technician is required at the time of rental.  Only Bogart House employees can change and have access to the systems. Your DJ/ Band/ Vendors will need to coordinate with Bogart House ahead of time for any setup requirements or changes.

We take the safety of you, your guests and the venue very seriously. Fireworks, pyrotechnics,
smoke machines, fog machines, and any other device that may hinder the safety of anyone on the property is strictly prohibited. Our rooftop has a safety railing in place. We ask that you do not attach anything to the railing. Smoking is not allowed on the terrace level of the venue. Smoking is permitted on the rooftop. If you would like to arrange for security officers to be present during your event, please speak with our venue manager.

A 50% deposit (of all services and rental) is required to save any date and confirm your booking. We will place a 7-day hold on any date that you may like, which will give you the first right to that date. We will notify you if there is another interested party for that date at which point a deposit would be necessary. A 15% cancellation fee will be charged for events canceled more than 6 months prior to the event. For a cancellation, within 6 months a 25% fee will be charged. Any event that is canceled within 3 months will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

A $1000 security deposit is required for all bookings in addition to your deposit. Upon the end of your event and review, we will refund your security deposit within two business days.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]